Dog Grooming & Boarding Facility

Royal Treatment

If you’re going out of town for business or pleasure and need overnight boarding services for your dog, The Pet Resort at Sweetwater Stables is the company to call. During his or her stay, your dog will be given individual attention and be allowed to run and play in our spacious pet resort. In addition to boarding services, you can also book our grooming services so your pet can always look sharp.
Yorkshire terrier dog on a hairstyle in a grooming salon - Pet Resort in Rock Spring, WY
Dog agility slalom -  Pet Resort in Rock Spring, WY

Pampering Your Pet

Let the professionals at The Pet Resort at Sweetwater Stables pamper your dog. No matter how big or small, how old or young, your dog will receive the special treatment he or she deserves. From nail cutting to ear cleaning to full or partial grooming, you can rest assured knowing your dog will look its best. Let us treat your dog with a luscious bath. Our grooming services offer your dog with a warm shampoo cleansing bath that will remove dirt, debris, and doggie odor.

Dog Boarding

If you are in need of dog boarding services, look no further than The Pet Resort at Sweetwater Stables. We know that you wouldn’t leave your loved pet with just anyone, that’s why we have extensive background with the care of dogs. Our boarding services are just $20 dollars per day. At the time of check-in, ensure you bring food and any toys and blankets your dog will need during his or her stay. You will also need to bring the most recent vaccination certificate.
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4 x 8 foot kennel with comfortable cot and fresh food and water.
Dog Boarding -  Pet Boarding in Rock Spring, WY
Our quests find the accommodations quite comfortable.

Book Your Next Pet Grooming or Boarding Service

Call The Pet Resort at Sweetwater Stables today at 307-413-8151 to book the next grooming or boarding service for your canine friend.